The Many Types Of Security Cameras

There are many different types of advanced cameras available on the market to beef up a home security system with visual aids. These can be matched with the other components of the average security system in order to suit the specific needs that your home and your lifestyle has when compared to everyone else. In the world today, there have been many great advances in both video quality and in the incorporation of wireless technology into our daily lives. You can now get full color, full HD and full motion video quality from standard security cameras at a shockingly good framerate as well. You can now actually set up video cameras throughout your house, and you can even choose the type of camera you want for each room in your home. You can deliver all kinds of different views to the viewing device of your choice, including your own smartphone.

The Two Main Types of Security Cameras

When it comes to the standard wireless security camera there are two main types. Indoor cameras may have been noticed by you before. They have a semicircular design, in the shape of a glass dome on the ceiling. These are the perfect class for indoor viewing because they offer an angle of 360 degrees when viewing the video. This means that one camera can take in the video feed for an entire room as long as there aren’t any blind spots behind things like furniture and large cupboards. There is another type, called the fixed lens camera. This one focuses on one specific spot and doesn’t move at all. It offers a smaller field of view but it has a very high quality video output. This is typically good for employers who want to make sure that their petty cash and other transactions are being handled without any malicious intent on the part of the employees.

Outdoor Cameras Are Weather and Nature Proof

Another type of wireless security camera is the outdoor camera. This is a camera unit housed in a body that is resistant to weather and is very durable indeed. The technology used in this type of camera, is designed with a single purpose in mind: to capture video on the outside without letting outdoor conditions affect it too much.

This means that the camera can usually adapt to the different conditions as and when they happen, especially in terms of lighting. They have a lot of the features that you would see in the typical indoor camera as well, with remote control features becoming very common in most camera systems all over the country.

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