How To Care For Couch Accessories?

There are so many ways to liven up your living room couch. No matter what accessories you use, they will come in a wide array of fabrics, blends, colors, finishes and prints. Hence, taking care of such accessories with respect to keeping them clean and preserving the shape and finishes can be a tough task.

Determine the material

Couch accessories are throws, cushions and sofa covers. These are usually removable and washable. If you have linen cushions you need to care for them in a different way as compared to synthetic blends. Hence, the first step to cleaning of couch accessories is to determine the material or fabric base for the different items. Again, if there are embellishments or embroidery as well as painted finishes on such items that will make a difference in the washing method you adopt. 

Home washing options

If you have standard printed covers and throws of synthetic blends or natural fabrics, you can clean them at home with proper care. It is best to soak the items in cold water and detergent solution. Soaking will help loosen up dirt as well as stain particles on such items. You could also refer to the washing instructions that are provided on the product label. For instance, linen towels online come with necessary care instructions as well. In general, soaking in liquid detergent and cold water and running the items through a mild washing cycle in the washing machine will help preserve the fabric as well as prints and finishes on the items.

Dry cleaning choices

In general, if you have printed and delicate materials used as couch accessories, it would be wise to hand them over to a dry cleaning service. This is especially useful to preserve the colors and finishes on such items and ensures that they remain good as new for a longer time. It is also important to dry the items in the shade when you are washing the items at home. If you opt to iron the items at home ensure that you turn them inside out and run the iron on medium heat.

When you invest in premier fabrics like linen based home accessories, you might have to put in care in cleaning and keeping them looking as good as new. However, linen based home accessories lend a warm and natural look to your home and blends in well with any kind of décor you have. Linen is also a natural and non allergenic fabric that is friendly to the skin and lasts for years when used right.

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