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What Are The Food Items That We Can Give To Our Dog?

As we all know, dogs are the faithful animals. Many of us like to have pets and how we forget and not talk about dogs when we talk about keeping a pet at home or office. There are many people who are more towards the birds and cats. But there are number of people who like to have dogs as a pet in tehri house. Pets are like our own kids and we need to take care of them as our ow baby. They become a part of the family when they spend a few days at our home.

We need to take special care of tehri food. We need to give them meals on time and we have to take them out for a walk and for fresh air also. We have to give them food which is appropriate for them. We can’t give everything to them to eat. They are sensitive and they resist food which are not meant for them. Visit for cat food online.

So, if we have dog at home. We can only give them the following food in order to give them healthy and long life.

Peanut Butter:

Peanut butter is healthy. We can’t give them a normal butter. We need to give them butter in the form of peanut butter. It has a good taste and all the dogs like peanut butter.


A raw chicken is the best food for animals. If we give them the neck of the chicken then they will eat the small particles and the mucus that has been attached to the bones. They enjoy having the neck of the chicken.


Turkey is also a kind of chicken. They eat turkey as well. When they eat turkey, they feel full and them they don’t need anything after that. It is mandatory for them in the form of meals.


Salmon is a good source of protein. We can’t give them all kinds of fishes. They can only eat salmon fish. It is good for their health. They can easily digest Salmon. They don’t properly digest other kinds of fishes. Although, they can eat it but it causes issues in digestion so it is better to avoid other kind of fishes.


Yogurt is the favourite desert of dogs. We can give them yogurt in the morning time or evening time. They enjoy eating yogurt.

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